Happy National Cream-Filled Donut Day!

BREADS ON OAK HAS DONE IT AGAIN!  Behold, the trial run of their new vegan, cream-filled donuts!!  These things are terriffically declicious!  Please pop by their Facebook page and tell them how much you appreciate their vegan goodies, and how wonderful it would be to see vegan donuts more often!

Chamain displays Sean's creation made specially for today: vegan cream-filled donuts!

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

* * * * * *

Mmmmmm, cream filled donuts.  Heck, for that matter, mmmmmm donuts.  The Vegan Donut is something of a holy grail.  As we discussed on National Donut Day, there is as of yet no one consistently making vegan donuts in Nola - with the exception of the mini gluten-free jobs at The PeaceBaker.

But do not despair, Nola vegans!  If you are brave, you can make your own!  You can also... help me twist the arms of local bakers with vegan options to get up on it!  In a FRIENDLY way, of course.  :)  Because, really New Orleans, we deserve THIS:

Boston Creme donut from Dun Well, NYC.  NOMS.

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