Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day!!

I don't know about you, but personally I've been really pleased by all of the new ice cream flavors coming out from Almond Dream lately.  So far I've had Strawberry, Pecan Praline, Mint Chip... and of course Cappuccino Swirl!  And each one is delicious.  (Dare we dream?  Might they soon tackle the much-coveted pistachio?!  Fingers crossed.)

And so, to celebrate Coffee Ice Cream Day, what better way than to make a coffee float - two big scoops of Almond Dream Cappuccino Swirl dropped into some fair trade iced black coffee?

Enjoy your coffee ice cream y'all!



  1. I'm so jealous of the vegan ice cream options you have. We have only vegan vanilla soy ice cream. And some popsicles made from rice milk (vanilla flavour, covered in ricemilk chocolate). I would love to have strawberry, chocolate, ...

    1. Oh that is sadness! Where are you? You could always make your own of course, but it's not quite the same. You could maybe request more flavors from the most progressive grocery in the area? It's super nice to have options... a lil dangerous as far as sugar binges go, but still nice!

    2. I'm in Belgium. I should send more emails to ask stuff like this, you're right.
      If that doesn't work, I'll have to buy an ice cream maker :-)


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