Happy National Coffee Day!

Being a port city, New Orleans was a coffee town long before the Starbucks craze swept the nation.  But much like chocolate and other foods that are "exotic" to North America, here in the states these days we must be careful about sourcing our coffee responsibly.

If you're out on the town and need a cuppa, stop by Fair Grinds, Krewe du Brew, or Hey! Cafe for fair trade beverages to go... or to stay, with soy milk.  And to get the best of all worlds for making your own coffee at home, pick up some freshly and locally roasted French Truck fair trade coffee from Hollygrove Market.  You'll be supporting fair labor practices as well as two local businesses - and you'll get some delicious coffee out of the deal!

An unambiguous statement outside Surrey's, an uptown brunch spot.

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