Happy National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

I FREAKING LOVE CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES.  I believe that is because I am human and have a mouth.  My favorite chocolate milkshake is found in NYC at Curly's on 14th Street.  Their vegan Mexican Chocolate Milkshake is the stuff dreams are made of, just a little bit spicy with a healthy dose of cinnamon.  Of course, every time I ever had one I got sick, sick, sick from all the sugar.

So what's a girl to do when she 1) doesn't want to get sugar-sick 2) lives in Nola which hasn't gotten around to having any vegan ice cream parlors yet, and 3) does want a sweet frozen treat?  Go to Superfood Bar of course!

Superfood has recently expanded into an airy, bright dining room.  It's perfect to sit in while sipping on your Chocolate Avocado or Chocolate Banana Nut smoothie.  These things are SO delicious, and also quite nutritious!  It's what I like to call the best of both worlds.  NOMS.

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