Happy National Cheese(less) Pizza Day!

Ahhh, pizza.  Who doesn't love it?  Well plenty of people I guess... but not nearly as many as those who do!  It's a wonderful indulgence, and a great way to enjoy the season's freshest produce.

Technically, today is National Cheese Pizza Day.  But as you may recall, back on International Vegan Pizza Day we talked about how many places in Nola you can get a pizza with vegan cheese - the number is really quite staggering!  There are times, though, that I want a pizza that shines with VEGETABLES.

For that, I head to one of my favorite neighborhood spots: Theo's Neighborhood Pizza.  It really is just a few blocks away from my house!  Also, they make pizzas that look like this:

Theo's small pie with spinach, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, roasted whole garlic (on my half), purple onion (on his half), and extra tomato... mmmmm.

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  1. Looks delicious! :) I didn't know about National Cheese Pizza Day; guess I'll do a pizza post tonight for Vegan MoFo!


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