Happy Labor Day, United States!

Dear Friends in the United States, Happy Labor Day! I wholeheartedly hope that you are able to celebrate this day by *not* laboring at all!  I have always thought of this day as the unofficial start of Fall, even though here in Nola it is still plenty freakin hot.  There's just something about the sound of "September" that pushes the memories of August's heat and humidity to the background and makes me crave sweaters and corduroys.

 But given that it's Labor Day, let's talk about labor, shall we?  It takes labor to bring you all of the things you love, including food!  And as many of us are painfully aware, that labor is not always well treated.

Egregious labor practices are one of the reasons that many of us turn to veganism - as a way to boycott the factory farming industry that abuses so many workers (and, of course, animals).  Unfortunately, there is also no shortage of labor abuse in produce.

This is, of course, a great reason to seek out fruits and veggies that are local or otherwise ethically and sustainably grown, harvested, packed, and shipped.  Here in Nola we are lucky enough to have a bountiful local harvest year-round, as well as numerous farmer's markets at which to buy local farmers' goods.

If you haven't yet visited Hollygrove, Sankofa, or one of the three weekly pop-up markets around town,  don't wait another minute!  Support your local farmers, and in return get the most delicious, fresh, and healthful produce you can imagine.  When you do need to get your produce from the grocery, seek out fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified items to avoid supporting labor abuses.

And, if you can, find out just how difficult and rewarding being a farmer can be: grow your own food!

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  1. It's so rewarding to grow our own food, even if it's just a few things. All that produce looks amazing Mel!


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