Happy Butterscotch Pudding and Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Avast, me mateys!  And take heed: for today be the day fer celebratin' that most extraordinary of delights: Butterscotch Puddin'!  Meself, it's me favorite of such custards.  For nary a few pieces o' eight, ye scallywags can procure a powder fer the thing.  Combine it wi' the milk o' the almond and the nectar o' the coconut, and even the scurviest of mutts ca'not be thwarted. No doubt it'll shiver yer timbers, whether ye be sea dogs or land lubbers!


  1. Aaarrrrr matey! How long didst it take ye ter writes yer scurvy blog post? :p

  2. oh brilliant - I dream of doing this sort of post but it seems too hard - ahoy me hearties


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