Happy Apple Dumpling Day!

Did you know that there are apples grown right next door in Mississippi?  Honestly I had no idea, until I spotted apples at Hollygrove Market.  Local apples!  Freaking fantastic.

How do you enjoy eating apples?  Since it's apple dumpling day, perhaps you can try these shortcut apple "dumplings."  There are many variations of this dish on the internets, but all essentially go like this:
  • roll apple slices into crescent rolls and place into a buttered pan
  • melt together more butter, sugar, and cinnamon; pour mixture over rolls
  • top with orange juice or citrus soda, about 12 ouces
  • bake "until golden brown," about 40 minutes
As you can see, it's easy to veganize.  Just pick up some Immaculate Baking Co. crescent rolls at the Nola Food Co-Op and some apples from Hollygrove and get to it!

Sunday Breakfast.... yesssss.

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