Remembering Katrina: the Eighth Anniversary.

After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld
There are no "national days" on August 29th, which is just as well.  We need a day to remember Katrina.

I of course remember it all the time.  But the memories are distant now, faded.  I am fortunate in that respect. For many on the Gulf coast, the storm is an everyday reality - an event from which their lives have never returned to normal.

Sometimes I think, "but by the grace of God...", and yet, not being a religious person, it doesn't feel right.  And so it becomes, "but by the grace of the universe."  Doesn't have the same poetic ring though.  By any name, I know how fortunate I have been, and that for everything I lost - and there was plenty - I could have lost so much more.
Water line at Brocato's

So let today be a day to be thankful, to be wary, to mourn our own losses but also to know that those around us lost more than we could imagine.  And then to do something about it.

The following organizations work to improve and restore our city every day, and they need your support.  Donate your money, donate your time, do whatever you can to make your community better.  Today.  Every day.
Photo of lighthouse, 2008

Common Ground Relief

Latino Farmers Cooperative

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Juvenile Justice Project
Painting of lighthouse, 2009

Dogs of the 9th Ward

Jazz and Heritage Foundation

Resurrection after Exoneration

Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition

Families Helping Families

Lighthouse Today
Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children

Voice of the Ex Offender (VOTE)

Hollygrove Market and Farm

Sankofa Market

Second Harvest Food Bank

Bridge House

Ozanam Inn

Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

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