Happy National Soft Ice Cream Day, Part Two...

It's as if they knew that it was National Soft Ice Cream Day.  As you may have already heard, TCBY recently rolled out a partnership with Silk, through which it is offering a vegan product.  That vegan product is an almond-based chocolate soft-serv.  And, surprisingly, the TCBY location on Metairie Road is already offering it!

And now for more good news: White Wave, maker of Silk Soymilk, is no longer owned by Dean Foods (aka the largest milk producer in the world).  Which means, I think, that I can stop boycotting them!  Which means, I think, that I can support this new vegan option at chains nationwide wholeheartedly.  WOO!!

And now for the really important question: how does it taste?  I'll let you be the judge, but I think it's pretty alright.

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