Happy National Spumoni Day!

Happy National Spumoni Day!!  If you're not from New Orleans you may be thinking, "what the heck is spumoni?"  I've never seen it anywhere but Nola.  In fact, I've never seen it anywhere but Angelo Brocato's. 

So what is it?  Another ice cream treat for the month of August, it is a wedge of the following ice cream flavors, unevenly layered: pistachio, tutti frutti, and lemon "with a whipped cream center" - though the whipped cream is frozen and comes off very much like ice cream.

THE CHALLENGE, should you accept it: create a vegan spumoni!  You will likely need to make your own ice creams, as I'm not aware of any of these flavors being available in vegan forms.  Report back!  Tell us how it goes!  Share your vegan spumoni travails and triumphs with one and all!!!

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