Happy National Soft Ice Cream Day!

Ahh, softserve.  Delicious, and possibly one of the least healthy foods ever created.  This is probably why frozen yogurt chains have been popping up across the country - an attempt to make a junk food slightly less junky.  One such chain, called Tutti Frutti, has opened several stores in the New Orleans area.  And guess what?  They have vegan products!

Most of the area locations offer a sorbet flavor every day (the watermelon is sweet like candy, but the mango is pretty good).  And occasionally they offer a soy-based cream flavor!  The only one I've had the privilege of trying is the peanut butter - good stuff if you can get it.  Stop in and see what they've got - and remember, the more we ask for it, the more often soy options will be available!

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