Happy National Oyster Day!

Around here, oysters are a really big deal.  They are an important part of the gulf south's ecosystems and economies, and are even critical to maintaining the structure of the coast.  During my summer of marine biology schooling, I was cut to bits more than once by the impressive reefs they build.

So today is National Oyster Day.  Clearly this can't be a day to celebrate eating oysters, as everyone knows they're only safe to eat during months that have R's in them - September, for instance.  And of course in my particular corner of the world we just think they're nifty and not to be eaten.  So today I offer you this poem, shared previously with me by Starr of Starrlight Jewelry and Sanctuary.

Do oysters sneeze beneath the seas,
or wiggle to and fro,
or sulk, or smile, or dance awhile...
how can we ever know?

Do oysters yawn when roused at dawn,
and do they ever weep,
and can we tell, when, in its shell,
an oyster is asleep?

by Jack Prelutsky

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