Happy Banana Lovers' Day!

I do!  I love bananas!  There are so many great ways to eat them!  You can fry them, slice them up in your morning cereal, put ice cream on top of them, bake them into bread... or just eat them straight out the peel!  But, as with so many joyous things (chocolate, coffee, diamonds, flowers...), there is a serious side to all of this banana loving.

So today, on this very special episode of New Orleans in Green, I want to talk about banana production.  Some of us around Nola are lucky enough to have banana trees producing fruit in our own yards!... but not most.  So I want to make sure you know that those big brands, Dole and Chiquita namely, are evil devil companies - the DeBeerses of the banana world.  Please do not buy their bananas!  Please instead search out fair trade  or Rainforest Alliance labeled products whenever you get the chance.  And check out this book if you want to know more about the more sinister side of banana production.

In conclusion: Boo for abuse and poisons.  Hooray for fair and healthy bananas!

I'm Dole Banana and I'm here to say... have some poison in your food today!

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