Happy National BBQ Day... a.k.a the Fourth of July!

Grilling on the fire escape, July 2007
Yes, it's July Fourth, the day when Americans celebrate their American-ness by setting things on fire!  Kinda.

Trying out the new grill, July 2013
The term "BBQ" (or barbeque or bar-b-que) is frequently, if erroneously, used interchangeably with the term "grilling."  BBQ, technically, is the long slow cooking over fire or smoking of... meat.  So I will specify that today, we will be grilling - but I'll be happy to call it a BBQ!  That's just how I roll.

We'll be throwing lots of tasty comfort foods on the grill today: Boca vegan burgers, Field Roast frankfurter hot dogs, tofu steaks, skewers of mushrooms and squash and other veggies, corn on the cob.  And we'll also be making a number of other goodies like pasta salad and blueberry cheesecake!  Need some big 4th ideas?  There are plenty on the internet!

Have a great time, stay safe, and remember that your animal companions can hear the fireworks too.  Happy 4th!

4th of July Fireworks on the Mississippi River Moonwalk
And since it's "America's Birthday", check out this printable PDF of the U.S. Constitution! Just in case you'd like to keep it handy. ;)

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