Also, Happy National Macaroni Day!

Noodles, as you may know, are among my favorite food.  In the broad category of "noodle" I tend to include all types of pasta - especially fun shapes.  And so, in my mind, macaroni totally qualifies.

There are so many fun ways to eat macaroni!  In the winter you can stir it into vegan chilli with some Daiya on top for a nice hot chilli-mac.  In the summer, you can mix it up with a lil Vegenaise, some chopped bell pepper, and some roasted red pepper for a cool macaroni salad treat.  But I think we all know that the ultimate purpose of macaroni is... MACARONI AND CHEESE.

There are many, many, many vegan mac n' cheeze recipes out there, ranging from healthy to dreadul junk, and from delicious to... well... dreadful junk.  Today I offer you my own mac n' cheeze concoction.  Not so healthy in that it relies pretty heavily on processed dairy substitutes, but delicious, fast, and always a crowd pleaser.  And to make it just a smidge healthier, I usually make it with quinoa pasta.

  • 1 pound pasta {I like to use one box quinoa macaroni elbows and one box quinoa spaghetti}
  • 1 package shredded Daiya, whichever flavor you prefer (two cups total)
  • 1/3 tub Tofutti or other vegan cream cheese
  • vegan margarine
  • Tony Chachere's or other seasoning salt
  • cook your pasta in a large pot per the directions on the box
  • while it's boiling get together your other ingredients so they are ready to stir in
  • when the pasta is perfectly cooked, drain completely
  • put pasta back in the pot and quickly add the Daiya and cream cheese {do not add the margarine yet - it will prevent the cheese from "sticking" to the noodles!}
  • stir, and stir, and stir, and stir - I like to use a wooden spoon because they don't bend - until the mixture is as homogenous
  • add one or two pats of margarine and stir some more
  • season to taste with Tony's if you can get it, and some other peppery seasoning salt if you can't - make sure to stir well again so that you don't end up with weird salty patches!
  • serve and eat immediately - it's best when still hot, especially if you've used the quinoa pasta
  • you *will* have leftovers - it's no good cold, so add a few drops of water and microwave for 1 to 1.5 minutes

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  1. ...don't forget the Tony's at your next vegan bbq!


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