Happy National Pralines Day!

Oooh, pralines.  When I was a kid, these things were magic - I adored them because they are pretty much pure sugar!  My Great Aunt Julie would make them every year during the holidays, along with her heavenly hash and peanut butter fudge... yes, she was my favorite relative by far.

Pralines are a traditional New Orleans treat, with several shops in town specializing in them.  But here's the trouble - they're traditionally made with condensed milk.  Garrrr.  What's a vegan gal with a sweet tooth to do?

One of these days I will get over my fear of candy thermometers and give this recipe a shot... AND THEN THERE WILL BE VEGAN PRALINES FOR ALL!!  (And then, if we're not careful, there will be insulin shots for all.  Erm.  We'll be careful.)

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