Happy National DONUT Day!

Yeah, donut day!  Really, what is better than a donut?

I'll tell you.  A VEGAN donut!

But where oh where to get them?  It's not as if we're in NYC with Dun Well, or over in Seattle at Mighty-O.  New Orleans doesn't have its own vegan donut shop... yet.  What's a Nola girl to do?

PeaceBaker's mini donut delights
Well, if vegan and gluten-free is your style, boy are you in luck.  Just head over to The PeaceBaker in Metairie - their vegan gluten-free mini-donuts are nearly always in stock, and they're tasty little bites too!

For us gluten lovers, there are yet more options.  Keep your eyes peeled at Hey Cafe, Breads on Oak, and Shake Sugary - vegan donuts make appearances in each of these locales from time to time.  Follow the Vegan New Orleans Facebook page to keep abreast of such exciting happenings!

And, because it MUST be done:

mmmm... donut...

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