Happy INTERNATIONAL Vegan Pizza Day!!!

Yes, it's that magical day again - the day when the ENTIRE WORLD celebrates the fabulousness of vegan pizza!

Where, you may ask, can you get a vegan pizza here in New Orleans?  Cassandra over at Vegan New Orleans has been doing a brilliant job this week of mapping all of our options, but I'll summarize them here!

Vegan pizza with vegan cheese:
  • Pizza Delicious
  • Louisiana Pizza Kitchen (French Quarter location)
  • Naked Pizza on Claiborne
  • Mardi Gras Zone
  • Whole Foods (Uptown)
  • Theo's Veganator
  • Mellow Mushroom (Oak Street, Metairie, and Covington locations!)
Vegan pizza sans cheese:
  • Theo's in Mid City and on Magazine
  • Slice Pizzaria
  • Reginelli's (several locations in the area)
As you can see, there is an abundance of choice for your Nola Vegan Pizza Day experience.  So indulge, and enjoy!



Happy National Strawberry Parfait Day!

We have previously discussed the amazingness of parfaits.  And with local strawberries still around, it's the perfect time to whip up a strawberry parfait.  Will you create strawberry mousse and layer it with vanilla cake?  Will you layer fresh strawberries with chocolate pudding?  Whatever you choose, enjoy your parfait!


Happy National Pralines Day!

Oooh, pralines.  When I was a kid, these things were magic - I adored them because they are pretty much pure sugar!  My Great Aunt Julie would make them every year during the holidays, along with her heavenly hash and peanut butter fudge... yes, she was my favorite relative by far.

Pralines are a traditional New Orleans treat, with several shops in town specializing in them.  But here's the trouble - they're traditionally made with condensed milk.  Garrrr.  What's a vegan gal with a sweet tooth to do?

One of these days I will get over my fear of candy thermometers and give this recipe a shot... AND THEN THERE WILL BE VEGAN PRALINES FOR ALL!!  (And then, if we're not careful, there will be insulin shots for all.  Erm.  We'll be careful.)


Happy National Pecan Sandies Day!

Personally I'm more of a chewy (as opposed to crumbly) cookie kind of gal.  But some people, including my mother, just love some pecan sandies.  Why not make yours with some local pecans?


Happy Chocolate Eclair Day!

Vegan chocolate eclairs are possible.  One of these days, I'll convince PeaceFood or Breads on Oak to create them for us.  Until then, you'll have to make them at home!


Happy National Peaches and Cream day!

This is the perfect time of year to look for peaches at the area farmer's markets.  Local peaches are SO delicious.  But what to do about "cream" for peaches and cream day?  You could try making a cashew creme, or why not try some full fat coconut milk?

Peaches at the Broadway Crescent City Farmer's Market, 2011


Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day!

It seems that "ice cream soda" and "ice cream float" are synonymous.  Whichever name you choose to use, a scoop of ice cream on top of a carbonated beverage is a delicious summer treat.  Personally, I'm a rootbeer float gal!  But what about cherry vanilla in cherry Coke?  Or vanilla in orange?!  So many possibilities, thanks to all the lovely vegan ice cream readily available in grocery stores these days.

Also, apparently Lickety Split's Sweet Shop in the Bywater is considering offering vegan ice cream - holler at them and let them know how much you'd love it!

Vegan Treats and ice cream in Brooklyn... and soon in Nola??


Happy National Martini Day!

Funny thing about classic martinis.  They're made with vermouth.  And there is almost no vegan vermouth!  So order your martini dry and dirty - chilled vodka with olive juice, anyone?


Happy National Cherry Tart day!

One of these days, I will convince Breads on Oak or The Peacebaker or Shake Sugary to make me vegan cherry tarts.  Until then, I'll probably settle for soap.

Today is also International Picnic Day!  Why not pick up some dinner from one of many Nola restaurants with vegan options, and go and enjoy the evening in City Park!


Happy National Apple Strudel day!

I must say, I'm not terribly familiar with Strudel.  But this recipe looks pretty intriguing.

Today is also Eat your Vegetables Day... but I do that every day!!



Happy National German Chocolate Cake Day!

A point of clarification: German chocolate cake is not at all German.  It was named for an American, Sam German and his dark baking chocolate, and was originally known as German's chocolate cake.  So.

I recently made a devil's food cake recipe, and it was freaking amazing.  And it just so happens that Jonathan's birthday also occurred recently, and that German chocolate cake is his favorite.  Viola!  German chocolate cake coming up!  I topped the delicious chocolate cake with this recipe for German chocolate-style icing, and the resulting cake was magnificent:


Happy National Iced Tea Day!

My darling husband Jonathan hinges his beliefs about "The South" on iced tea.  He claims that, because we tend to serve our iced tea unsweetened here in New Orleans, that we are not really "southern."  Indeed my own mother, born and bred here, has always kept a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge... never sweet.  She also doesn't use Luzianne - a cardinal sin, according to Jonathan.

He sort of has a point.  New Orleans is unarguably in the south, but our culture is something distinct and separate from that of "The South" as a whole, if there is such a thing.  There are those who say we're the northernmost city of the Caribbean, which may be closest to the truth.

Does it all turn on the presence (or lack thereof) of sweet tea?  Probably not.  But it is an interesting indicator.

But sweet or not, make sure to enjoy some iced tea today!


Happy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day!

I have never eaten rhubarb.  It looks like red celery but tastes like strawberries?  DOES NOT COMPUTE.  However, I hear from sources very close to me that it is delicious.  And it looks pretty delicious too!


So swing by one of our city's lovely Farmer's Markets to grab some rhubarb and some local Louisiana strawberries, and try out this recipe!


Happy Name your Poison Day!

So, you *could* use today to choose among alcoholic beverages.  Try something new - perhaps a French 75 or a brandy smash?  Make a choice today, and make one that makes you happy.


Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

Oooohhhh, chocolate ice cream.  One of my very favorites.  And there are so many choices - soy, rice, almond, or coconut based?  With chunks and swirls or straight up?  Any way about it, you can't beat a chocolate scoop, especially in the Nola summer heat!


Happy National Applesauce Cake Day!

Applesauce cake is a mystery to me.  Of course, a lot of my baking involves apple sauce!  For instance, I used it in a devil's food cake recipe recently.  So it's not so strange.  It's really wonderful actually for keeping baked goods moist.

The great part is that the applesauce in the applesauce cake works as a binder, so there's no eggs to replace in the random internet recipes you pull up.  For instance: This recipe is easily veganized by using vegan margarine - though personally I'm not a big fan of baked goods with raisins in them.  Same with this one.

So have at it!  Show me your applesauce cake magic.  And have fun!


Happy National Gingerbread Day!

I am a big fan of gingerbread.  This one is my favorite - I adjusted it from a random internet recipe.  It's in just the right space between fluffy and dense, and the boiling makes your whole house smell amazing.  And in six months when you can think about turning on your oven again, you should try it out!


Happy National Cheese Day... and Happy National Hug your Cat Day!

We could talk about cheese... but let's talk about cats instead!

Cats make wonderful companions, and there are plenty in the Nola area looking for forever homes.  Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) has plenty of adoptables in need.  In general, older cats (non-kittens), cats with special needs, and black cats are the hardest to find homes for.  So why not find an adult black cat, make him your own, and hug the heck out of him!?

Is Andi right for you?

And remember, spay, neuter, and ADOPT!


Happy National DONUT Day!

Yeah, donut day!  Really, what is better than a donut?

I'll tell you.  A VEGAN donut!

But where oh where to get them?  It's not as if we're in NYC with Dun Well, or over in Seattle at Mighty-O.  New Orleans doesn't have its own vegan donut shop... yet.  What's a Nola girl to do?

PeaceBaker's mini donut delights
Well, if vegan and gluten-free is your style, boy are you in luck.  Just head over to The PeaceBaker in Metairie - their vegan gluten-free mini-donuts are nearly always in stock, and they're tasty little bites too!

For us gluten lovers, there are yet more options.  Keep your eyes peeled at Hey Cafe, Breads on Oak, and Shake Sugary - vegan donuts make appearances in each of these locales from time to time.  Follow the Vegan New Orleans Facebook page to keep abreast of such exciting happenings!

And, because it MUST be done:

mmmm... donut...


Happy June!

June is a great month!  It's really starting to feel like summertime for everyone in the Northern hemisphere, and the farmer's markets are bursting with fresh produce.  And as is just so happens, June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month!  It's also National Iced Tea Month and National Papaya Month.  (It's also National Dairy Month... which I believe I'll use to celebrate cows.)

It's also...NATIONAL CANDY MONTH.  Yes.  For reals.  A whole month to celebrate my favorite food, CANDY.  Go forth and celebrate.

It's also Jonathan's birthday.  Happy Birthday Baby!!