Ten reasons that I freaking love New Orleans, Part 3: Fake French.

It's not so strange for a city's cultural heritage to leak through in its everyday life.  Here in New Orleans, despite the tug-of-war between Spanish and French control, it is the French that perseveres most visibly.

What does that even mean, you say?  Well, we celebrate Mardi Gras (and Lundi Gras... and occasionally Lombardigras), we eat beignets with cafe au lait at the Cafe du Monde after eating etouffee at the Bon Ton, put fleurs de lis on everything, and talk about how the Saints ain't the aint's neaux meaux.  College kids drink beaucoup beer at their parties, and the bakery might just give you a lil lagniappe when you pick up your gateau du roi.

But the incarnation that is most visible and pervasive is, by far... geaux.

Geaux Nola.

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