Ten reasons that I freaking love New Orleans, Part 10: The Food.

Yeah, you knew we'd get around to it right?

I've written about Nola food before.  I used to think it would be impossible to be vegan in New Orleans, but I should have known better.  All foods are possible here.  As I expounded two years ago and still believe:
New Orleans is known for successfully mingling a melange of cooking styles and trends with her own unique flavor.  Vegetarian food has found a place happily within the tapestry, creating delicious new twists in the process.  The options outlined here are only the beginning; there are dozens within the city, and even more in the lands beyond.  Veg in New Orleans?  Easily, and with pleasure.  My question isn’t “where can I eat?” It’s, “which place will I pick?!”  Lucky for me, I won’t be running out of choices any time soon.
There is so much great food here.  Sure there are great Vietnamese and Chinese and Thai and Indian spots with vegan options.  But there are also Spanish, Ethiopian, South and Central American, and Caribbean spots - and more - with plenty for vegans.  And of course there is "New Orleans" cuisine!  I've had vegan po boys, king cakes, gumbos, jambalayas, and red beans and rice - all vegan, all delicious, and all New Orleans.  

Also, here is my official recognition that today is Memorial Day. Regardless of your feelings on war, politics, or our current government figures, it is worthwhile to remember that many have fought and died in the name of the country we live in. Respect to their memory, and to those they left behind.

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