Ten reasons that I freaking love New Orleans, Part 8: The Music.

You heard it here first: There's great music in New Orleans!!  Just kidding.  You've been hearing it your whole life, and it's been true for a lot longer than that.

I come from a musical family, and have sometimes wondered whether I missed the boat with this here desk job.  My grandfather played Dixieland Jazz and repaired instruments, and used to woo crowds at the Peristyle in City Park back in the days when it was used as a dancing pavilion.  My mom plays and tunes pianos, and my dad plays trumpet.  My sister and I both dabbled when we were young, but that's a story for another day.

There's no question that Nola is saturated with amazing musicians.  Where would the world be without Irma Thomas, the Neville brothers, the Marsallis family, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, the Bingo! Show, and all those fantastic brass bands?  It would be a colder duller place, there is no doubt.

But I must say, my favorite piece of our musical culture is its accessibility.  It is everywhere, permeating our daily lives.  Beyond the numerous festivals that pepper our springs and falls, there are the plethora of musical acts large and small that can be found around town on any given night, many for free.  Wednesdays at the Square brings free performances throughout the spring.  Our music is ubiquitous, and powerful, and available to all who wish to partake.

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