Ten reasons that I freaking love New Orleans, Part 6: The Houses.

Much ado is made over New Orleans' wrought iron balconies and other architectural features.  But to me, what really shines is our houses.

I'll never forget a time back when I was 19, chauffering around my then-boyfriend's mother.  She, having grown up in New England, could not believe what she was seeing.  THE COLORS!  Purple houses, and orange and pink and blue!  She was positively stunned by the rainbow.

Living here, it's easy to take for granted.  We see the colors every day, and forget that in other places houses are painted colors like "beige" and "puce."  And we forget that in most other places, you don't see intricately painted corbels holding up porch ceilings.  We forget that floor-to-ceiling windows that can be used as doors aren't generally standard issue.  And other towns have shotguns, but they're more likely to be called "railroads."  Curious: do other places have camelbacks?

We are spoiled, but that's not to say we don't appreciate the beauty.  I know I do, every single day.

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