Happy National Vanilla Pudding Day!

Vanilla pudding is a simple, comforting, delicious and creamy treat.  For me personally it brings back fond childhood memories of post-dinner desserts.

There are accidentally and intentionally vegan pudding mixes out there.  But here's the really cool part: you can make your own vegan pudding mix!  You'll have to cook it.

If you are an awesome lazy jerk like me, you might go the Jello pudding mix route.  YES.  Using a combination of coconut milk and almond milk (one cup of each), vanilla Jello pudding mix (one box), and an immersion blender, delicious vanilla pudding can be yours.  You can also of course just use a whisk like a normal person.

(Apparently I am not the first person to think of this.)

And if you've just made a delicious chocolate cake, you can even make a parfait.

Also, Happy International Harvey Milk Day!

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