Happy National Quiche Lorraine Day!

 Quiche is one of those foods that seems like it would be impossible to veganize.  And yet, it's actually quite easy to make a vegan quiche.  Likewise, both bacon and cheese seem that they would be restricted to omnivores, and yet really tasty vegan versions of each are now readily available.

Behold!  Vegan Quiche Lorraine is within our grasp!

Quiche Lorraine is considered the "original" or "classic" quiche.  While the vegan version is a pretty far cry from healthy, it can still be considered healthier than the animal-fat and cholesterol filled non-vegan version - being that it's made of eggs, cheese, bacon, and heavy cream.

Ours is made with vegan bacon, vegan cheese, tofu, and vegetable stock.  A bit better right?

I say ours, but I really mean my husband's.  He makes quiche using a pre-made crust from Whole Foods, one block of extra-firm tofu, and about half a cup of stock all blended in the vita-mix and well seasoned with the usual suspects (garlic salt, some pink salt and turmeric for that eggy feel, and so on).  For the Lorraine effect, we mixed in one package of chopped Upton's seitan bacon and one cup of Diaya shreds.

The whole mess is poured in the pie crust and baked for 40 minutes on 350.  Awesome bonus: it makes an awesome breakfast quiche straight from the fridge the next morning!

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