Happy National Escargot Day!

What did they say when the snail drove by in the race car?


(Say it out loud - you'll get it.)

This was one of my sister's favorite jokes throughout childhood.  I am telling it absolutely wrong - there is some portion where the snail paints an S on his car.  But at any rate, this joke is why I've always known that the fancy french dish known as "escargot" is actually cooked snails.

What I didn't know until poking around for this post is that it involves a surprising amount of cruelty to the snails (that is, beyond boiling them alive).  Apparently the process takes weeks.  They're made to fast, and then cleanse - which would be all fine and good if it was just for their personal health... which of course it isn't.

You will be unsurprised to discover that I vote to leave the snails in their shells, alive and happily exploring the world.  And so, Happy Snails are Awesome Day!  Go make yourself a snail friend today.

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