Happy National Devil's Food Cake Day!

It's hard for me to name a "favorite" cake.  Cake is just so delicious.  So I suppose you could say that the my favorite cake is the one in front of me, ha ha.  But I will say that when given a choice, I'm often swayed by chocolate.  So what could be better than devil's food?!

I used this recipe, subbing apple sauce for the flax, and the results were delicious.  I mean really, really delicious.  I didn't even put icing on it.  I just ate that freakin delicious cake with nuthin.  I brought it to work, and my whole (non-vegan) office freaking loved it too.  YEAH.  CAKE.

Due to its lack of icing, it wasn't very photographable.  So here's a picture of my kitten.

What's your favorite cake?

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