Happy National Buttermilk Biscuit Day!

Oooh, how I do love biscuits.  I had yet to crack the code of vegan biscuits, until I decided to veganize this "buttermilk" biscuit recipe.  I subbed earth balance buttery sticks for the butter.  Then using the trick I learned from the unparalleled Isa and Terry duo of souring my (unflavored unsweetened almond) milk with apple cider vinegar, I got to work.

Sadly, I apparently have NO idea how to deal with this kind of sticky dough.  After a few tries, I gave up and just threw blobs onto my cookie sheet.  The resulting objects were pretty decent in taste and texture, indicating that the recipe itself is good. Definitely worth trying again... with a lot more flour on my surface next time!

ALSO: I am 100% in support of National Dance like a Chicken Day!!!

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