Happy National Apple Pie Day!

In case you didn't know, I have a husband who is pretty much made of magic.  When I mentioned National Apple Pie Day to him, he immediately began to reminisce about his days as a cook.  As he tells it, he used to come home from his shift and whip up a pie on a pretty regular basis.  And so I said - and what else could I say? - wanna make me an apple pie?

Lo and behold, he did.  Now, I wasn't present for the pie making, but he tells me that he used this recipe for the pie filling, and this one for the crust - subbing butter in each with earth balance.  I came home to the lovely pie pictured here.  Yes, it tastes at least as good as it looks!

(He is mad at me because he only got one piece of his own pie.  Can I help it if what he makes is SO delicious that I can't resist it?)

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