Happy May! And Happy National Chocolate Parfait Day!!

WHO DOESN'T LOVE PARFAITS?!  Maybe someone who doesn't know what parfaits are?  WELL.  A parfait is a dessert that includes layers of cakey thing, creamy thing, and fruity thing.  In short, COMPLETE DELICIOUSNESS.

Guilty confession: one of my favorite sweet treats are the all-vegan chocolate pudding parfaits that are usually skulking around the Whole Foods prepared foods section.

It's of course silly to purchase a pre-made parfait, though, because they are so crazy easy to make!  Or anyway they are as easy or as hard as you want to make them.  You can make a chocolate pudding from scratch, and layer it with homemade Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles and fresh blueberries from the Farmer's Market.

And you could also pick a pre-made chocolate pudding that you enjoy and layer it with some vegan 'nilla wafers and banana slices.  Or anywhere in between - it's up to you!

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