Ten reasons that I freaking love New Orleans.

I began this blog with a number of goals, one of which was to wax lovingly on my hometown.  I haven't done that much lately, but that's all about to change.

In the days that aren't assigned a "national day" event, I will be extolling the virtues of the crescent city - the things that make this place unique.  So without further ado, the first installation...

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Ten Reasons that I Freaking Love New Orleans, Part 1: the people.

Yeah yeah, we've all heard about "southern hospitality."  But seriously, the people in New Orleans are something special.  Where else in the world do people not only hold the door for you - but actually apologize when they couldn't quite catch it?  Where else will people in the grocery ask you what's wrong when they see that overwhelmed look on your face, rather than avoid you?  Where else do random strangers not only wish you happy birthday, but actually pin money to your chest?  (A few places, as it turns out, but not many.)  Where else has cheered for a team that went for years - nay, decades - as poor performers?

While we do get more than our fair share of tourists, the locals stand out wherever you go.  And there's a reason that our motto is Be Nice or Leave.  We party in the streets just for the sake of having a good time, at the drop of a hat, and anyone is free to join.  We keep tabs on each other.  And we take care of each other.  Just because.

Do terrible things happen here?  Of course they do.  Terrible things happen everywhere.  But here, when a terrible thing happens to someone, it's more likely here than anywhere else I've been that the city will rally, support, and show love.

I love you, New Orleans, and I love that you love me back.

Me and the guys at the Healing Center grand opening

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