Happy National Zucchini Bread Day!

I have never eaten zucchini bread.  That is, I hadn't until I veganized this recipe from Paula Dean of all people.  I have also never made a loaf.  I love doing new things!

To veganize, I just replaced the eggs with some soy yogurt and applesauce.

The bread came out delicious!  With two snags though.  First, it was too sweet.  I believe this is because I used sweetened soy yogurt as my egg replacer.  So next time I will use the same amount of yogurt but unsweetened, because the binding and moistness was perfect.  I may also use about 2/3 the sugar called for by the recipe.

Second, it stuck like crazy to the bottom only.  This is probably also due to the sugar.  So next time I will either oil the pan more thoroughly or cover it with parchment.

My hubby points out that this could work well as a savory bread, something which I may need to experiment with...

Because of the sticking issue, the loaf tore in half during depanning - leading to a not-very-photogenic (but still very edible) loaf. And so, I give you this picture of a zucchini that looks like a duck.

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