Happy National Eggs Benedict Day!

My hat really must come off once again to the fine folks over at Meet the Shannons on this day.  Their Eggs Benedict recipe is truly something special.  I will convince Jonathan to make it someday... right after we get a flavor injector.  Frankly, I'm shocked that we don't own one already - despite the fact that they are somewhat terrifying.

Until then, though, his own version will do me just fine.

Lacking a recipe for hollandaise, we used the one from Being Vegan (and getting away with it).  A bit lemon-ey for my taste, but it worked out well for texture and such.  For the "eggs" we marinated tofu rounds overnight in stock and a bit of black salt, then simmered them for a while in the marinade.  I have yet to find Sham that isn't made by Lightlife (aka ConAgra), so for the "ham" portion of the Benedict we just fried up some Tofurky slices in a bit of olive oil.  Finally, for good measure, we also made some Florentines (pictured left).  This is a lovely Sunday morning brunch, and not too difficult as long as you remember your marinade the night before!

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