Happy National Coffee Cake Day... and Happy National Beer Day!!

Coffee cake and beer - both delicious!  Not together so much.  But individually, each is its own treat.

My mother has an absolutely magical coffee cake recipe that she got from our neighbor's housekeeper when I was just knee high.  And one day she will actually give it to me, and I will veganize it, and we will all live in delicious coffee cake bliss for days on end.

Until then, you'll have to sate yourself with beer!  And lucky for you, there's plenty of local vegan beer here in Nola.  In fact, Nola Brewing is all vegan, as is Abita!  (Stouts tend to be problematic, so if you happen to see a special edition stout you should double check.)  This time of year, I highly suggest the Abita summer strawberry.  Happy beering!

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