Happy National Cheeseball Day!

Once upon a time I lived in New York City.  And it just so happened that during that same time there existed a raw place called Bonobos.  (Yes, like the monkeys.)  Bonobos specialized in what they called nutmeats.  And while they were quite expensive, one of the benefits of working like a crazy New Yorker is getting paid like you work like a crazy New Yorker.

So for our 2006 holiday party, we went and bought pounds - POUNDS - of three different nutmeats.  We rolled them into loafs and balls, and then rolled the loaves and balls in crushed nuts.  The result?  Totally authentic-looking-and-tasting CHEESEBALLS.  Like your parents would have eaten at a cocktail party in the seventies.  Oh yes.

Alas, times change. I no longer live in New York City.  Bonobos is no longer open.  And I definitely no longer get paid like a crazy hard-working New Yorker.  (Mind you I work just as hard, but now it's for a nonprofit in New Orleans... mmm hmm.)  So what's a girl to do when it's time to get her vegan cheeseball on?

Internets to the rescue!  I am totally unsurprised to find plenty of Cheeze-Ball-Ey recipes on yon interwebs.  I am looking forward to trying this one by Vegangster, a blog entertaining and new to me.  (warning: graphic pics at the end.)  It's fairly involved but looks actually healthy - just think of it!  Healthy cheeseball!  (This one looks good too.)  And this one by Dallas Vegan is maybe not so healthful, but it looks quick and delicious.

Of course, as we know, everything is better when it's mini!  Make one (or all) for your next shindig!

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