Happy National Cheese Fondu Day!

WANT TO TRY THIS.  Who's got a fondu pot?  I've got the backyard with the string lights!!

Scratch that!  I tried it!!  And it was great.  I did not get the pretty cast iron fondu pot from Crate and Barrel pictured above, since they were out of it and we don't have a CB here in Nola anyway.  I did go to Macy's and pick up one on sale 2/3 off though, so that was pretty rad.  I found a Sauvignon Blanc by Cupcake Wines at the Mid City Rouse's.  Paired with some rosemary bread and local strawberries, also scored at Rouse, it was a great night!

Next time I may try a wine with a less strong flavor, as the Sauvignon Blanc was somewhat overpowering.  Chardonnay anyone?

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