Happy St. Patrick's Day - and Happy National Cabbage Day!!

Happy St. Pat's y'all!  You'd think that New Orleans would get enough of parades and partying during Mardi Gras, but no.  We go all out for St. Patrick's Day as well!  We have parades, and among the throws coming from the floats are - maybe you guessed it - whole cabbages!  (This year's Irish Channel parade happened yesterday.  Did you catch one?)

And so, I hereby declare today to also be National Cabbage Day.  Cabbage is an underrated vegetable.  It is delicious with even the most simple preparation:
  • Slice half a head of red cabbage into the thinnest wedges you can manage
  • Slice a shallot thinly as well
  • Drizzle lightly with sesame oil and olive oil
  • Add an eighth to a quarter cup of Mirin (sweet rice wine)
  • Saute until it reaches the softness you desire - and enjoy!
You can also try the longer cooking but also fairly simple smothered cabbage by Kittee Berns - so utterly delicious!

Also, don't worry - you haven't missed all of the St. Pat's shenanigans.  If you're looking to party after all that cabbage cooking, stop by Parasol's and/or check out the less organized parade that will be winding its way through the Marigny and Bywater.

Have fun y'all!

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