Happy National Waffle and Nougat Days!!

Yes, happy National Waffle Day, and Happy National Nougat Day!  Now tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe that we had a waffle day just a few weeks ago.  So let's talk about nougat shall we?

While French-style nougat tends to contain egg whites - blegh - German-style nougat is made of chocolate and nuts.  This makes it just a tiny jump to a praline.

Enter Lake Champlain chocolates, a company I discovered while doing a small fundraiser for Vermont after that unpleasant flooding incident (thanks to Cassandra of Vegan New Orleans).  Their Hazelnut Praline bar is one of the most delectable treats I have ever tasted - and is available at the uptown Whole Foods!  So enjoy some nougat-come-praline today.  ;)

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