Happy National French Bread Day!

In New Orleans, French bread really just means one thing: po boys!  (For you yankees, think a "grinder", a "hoagie", or a "sub sandwich," but way way better.  And on crunchy-yet-soft French bread.)  Each restaurant that serves po boys - and they are legion - has its one special bakery from which it will get its po boy bread.  These things are sacred in this town.

Old Schoolers like my Aunt Jo Ann (daw'lin!) will always go for Leidenheimer's, which has been a Nola favorite for over 100 years.  Its Zip bread, found in grocery stores throughout town, is great for making sandwiches at home.  But relative newcomer Dong Phuong is growing popular, both for the ever more widely available Vietnamese-style po boy known as the banh mi, and for traditional Nola joints.

Any way about it, any New Orleanian can tell you that it's the bread that makes the po boy.

So, where can you get a vegan po boy around town?  Well you could always make your own.  No matter what you're using as your "meat" - be it tofu, Tofurky slices, fried "shrimp," or whatever else floats your boat - don't forget to serve it dressed!  That means with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, and plenty of vegenaise.  Feel like going out?  Try 13 Monaghan for a bbq tofu po boy.  Because there's nothing more New Orleans than eating delicious food in the back of a bar!  Get yourself an Abita Amber and you'll be good to go.

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