Happy National Clams in their Shells Day!

...and Happy Easter!

OK y'all.  Let's get real.  This is Louisiana - we do not eat clams.  Why?  Because clams don't live here.  They stick to colder waters.  And, or course, some of us don't eat them because they're alive and would like to stay that way!  Thus we give you National Clams in their Shells Day... rather than the actual day, which is clams on the half-shell.

So.  Let's spend today celebrating springtime and bunnies instead!  Because if there's anything that transcends religious divides, it's bunnies.  Happy spring y'all!  And remember...

If you *are* ready to invite a bunny into your life as a furry companion and friend, check out Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge to adopt!  Also, feel free to comment if you have questions about house rabbits or bunny husbandry - I am of course a proud mama of four adorable rabbits!

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