Happy National Chip and Dip Day!

Chip and dip day?  Really, that's just weak.  What shall we celebrate instead?  How about... National Hot Dog Day!

While July is National Hot Dog month, I can't find a hot dog day.  So today seems as good as any! And these days, New Orleans vegans have plenty to celebrate in the genre of hot dogs.  One need only stop by Dreamy Weenies at 740 N. Rampart to take part in hot-dog-ey fun.

While we know that your average hot dog is a thing of horror, the two varieties of Tofurky dog carried there (Italian and Kielbasa) in addition to the falafel-dog are happy vegan options.  And feel free to get some vegan chili on top!  Also, don't forget your seasoned waffle fries, as they are DELISH.

If you are inspired to have a cookout at home, try picking up some Field Roast Frankfurters at Whole Foods or the New Orleans Food Co-Op!  Happy (vegan) hot-dogging!

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