Happy National Artichoke Heart Day!

Childhood me: "...So, if this part of it is the choke, is the bottom part the arti?"

Family: hysterical and unsupportive laughter.

Childhood me: "...well I though it was logical..."  Runs to bedroom to cry. 

 * * * * * *

Despite my traumatic beginnings with this absolutely bizarre edible thistle, I am and have always been very fond of artichokes.  And I'm also fond of pickled things.  Artichoke hearts?  Basically, it's a total score.

When I was a kid, my mom steamed fresh artichokes pretty regularly.  (See above traumatic childhood story.)  She also made her own version of "pasta prima vera" that featured canned artichoke hearts prominently.

These days, I most frequently get my artichoke hearts in my Reginelli's orders.  They come on the side of the hummus pitaco, the salad number three, and the avocado and asparagus salad (all of which are vegan when you order without cheese!).  Yes indeed-i-o, I loves me some artichoke hearts.  And so should you!

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