Happy World Nutella Day!

Oh, Nutella.  That delicious treat.  I think we all felt a bit betrayed in our early vegan days when we realized that - gasp! - it contains milk.  Why?! we thought.  Don't nuts and cocoa butter have enough creamy delicious fat for you?!?! we thought. You have to resort to MILK?!!  Blegh.  But alas.  As we know all too well, lack of need for animal products does *not* prevent food manufacturers from including them.

But never fear!  It is the 21st Century!!  And we too can enjoy the creamy delights of hazelnut mixed with chocolate!  The answer comes in Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut butter, available at Whole Foods.  Also, while I can't currently find any, there have at times been homemade / handmade versions on Etsy.

And so, yet again, vegans are free to enjoy the delights of the world - and to do so without cruelty.  Enjoy!

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