Happy National Tortilla Day!

Tortillas.  Such a simple food, and yet such a delicious one.  At the core of National Tortilla Day is a great debate: corn vs. flour.

Me?  I'm a flour girl.  Lay it in the pan, fry it up a bit, fill it up with beans and avocado and whatever other veggie goodness you've got...  oh yes.

But there are those who are corn, diehard, all the way.  I mean, I can get behind a corn tortilla when properly prepared.  Just a few weeks ago, on the magical day when I discovered that Taceaux Loceaux sometimes parks behind my new office building, I had some delicious braised greens soft tacos on said corn tortillas.  And while it would have worked just as well on flour, the corn did not diminish the dish.

Whichever you choose, be sure to enjoy some tortillas today - vegan style!

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