Happy National Molasses Bar Day!

You may be thinking what I'm thinking: what the hell is a molasses bar?  Me, I assumed this must be a northern thing.  But, of course, molasses is made from sugar cane.  And given the sugar production in this here fine state, there is in fact a long tradition of using molasses in New Orleans.  It seems that for our grandmothers, Brer Rabbit pure New Orleans molasses was all the rage.

This Nola tradition has maybe faded, but might be making a comeback: there is a Nola bakery in the works specializing in molasses recipes using only locally produced molasses.  I'll be watching its evolution - and asking if they're making anything vegan!

But how do we enjoy this tradition at home, and vegan style, right here right now?  These days you can still find Steen's molasses, made in Abbeville, LA.  This gluten-free vegan recipe is the best one I'm seeing on the internets - I'd be interested to see how it works with good ol' wheat flour (as I don't have lots of other flours around anymore - stupid moths).  I'm also awaiting a copy of this old Brer Rabbit cookbook and plan to do some veganizing.  I'll let you know how it goes!

No matter how you get it, a good dose of blackstrap molasses will give you a ton of potassium.  So enjoy!

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