Happy National Indian Pudding Day!

Yes, Happy National Indian Pudding Day!!  Um... what?

So, yeah, I had to look this one up.  I was hoping for some sort of creamy masala chai kind of concoction.  But no.  This is "Indian" like "Columbus-got-lost-and-didn't-know-about-two-entire-continents-and-thought-he'd-landed-in-India Indian."  American Indian pudding.  It's a New England holiday tradition.  OK, sure.

Well, it doesn't look too bad!  I am interested to try it.  And I can, thanks to In the Usual Way's vegan Indian pudding recipe.  Bonus: it's also gluten free!  I also think that this Epicurious recipe would veganize well.

This national day seems that it would do better in the fall.  Like the day after Thanksgiving maybe, as a dessert after leftover sandwiches.  But hey, it's fun to mix things up.  Only, oy, can we think of a better name for it??

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