Happy National Chocolate-Covered Peanut Day!

Yes, today we have yet another installment of the seemingly endless parade of peanut-themed days.  {Apologies again for the peanut haters.  Always whining... wah wah wah, they'll kill me, wah wah.  Some people.}

Anyway.  Personally, I love me a good goober.  Unfortunately, they are nearly always covered in some cheap-ass milk chocolate noise.  (And then shellacked.  With bug excretions!  What us UP with that??)  But never fear: quality chocolate-covered peanuts can be yours.  Just make them at home!

For instance, check out this recipe from We Heart Vegan.  It's flexible enough to incorporate any or all of your favorite snack foods.  The original recipe uses peanuts, pretzels, and cranberries, but feel free to mix it up - use chex, other nuts, various dried fruits, whatever floats your boat.  Or go with nothing but peanuts!  Just grab some fair trade, organic, vegan chocolate chips from the bulk aisle of Whole Foods Magazine and you'll be on your way to chocolate-covered glory.

Yes, peanuts, covered in chocolate.  Enjoy.

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