Happy National Chocolate Cake / Kahlua / Strawberry Day!!

Well, today is a three-fer.  It is National Chocolate Cake Day, National Kahlua Day, and National Strawberry Day!  And perhaps your mind went to the same place mine did just now: CHOCOLATE KAHLUA CAKE WITH STRAWBERRIES.  Oh, yeah.

Well, we are not the first to have this absolutely brilliant idea.  The Blissfully Vegan blog brings us this delightful recipe for a chocolate kahlua cake!  Now all you need to do is pick up some deliciously ripe local Louisiana strawberries to slice and make a beautiful design with on the top of that rich chocolate icing.

Note: today is also International Polar Bear Day!  I would suggest that you go hug a polar bear today, but given that they are one of the only animal species that actively hunt humans to eat, you should probably just make a donation instead.  ;)

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