Happy National Bagels and Lox Day!

Lox is one of those animal products that even omnivores find perplexing.  Some love it, and some hate it - and I've found that even those who love it at times find it offputting.  In my early, pre-vegan days in NYC, I myself did order the occasional bagel with cream cheese and lox at Ess-a-Bagel - I could never finish it without pulling off some of the lox.  But who knows, maybe it was just my early vegan tendencies rearing their head...

So what exactly is lox?  Technically lox is a brined salmon filet, but most often what's served as lox is actually smoked salmon.  Given that it is, in essence, a slab of fish, how on earth do we veganize it?  WELL.
  • Here's a version made with beets.
  • Here's one using roasted red peppers.
  • And here's a recipe where you make everything but the bagel from scratch.
You could even try to procure some fake fish, if you want to go to the more processed route.  You can stop by Artz Bagels uptown to get the fresh bagels for your vegan lox adventures!

Onion "lox" from Running with Tongs

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