Happy Lame Duck Day and Frozen Yogurt Day!!

When I saw that today is "Lame Duck Day," I will admit that I was perplexed.  Luckily the Hallmark holiday website (of COURSE Hallmark maintains a holiday website...) provided the following explanation:
Not about your poor injured pet, this day is to commemorate the 1933 ratification of the 20th Amendment about presidential succession. After each election there is a period of out with the old, in with the new, where the old president does his best to seem useful while the new one gets all the attention.
Well OK then.  It's not particularly apt this year, given that the old president *is* the new president... it also only applies every four years at all.  And shouldn't this happen *before* the inauguration, which is and has always been held on January 20th?  Ah well - it's a fun idea anyway.  Happy Lame Duck day!  Just for good measure, you should probably go out and love some ducks - be they lame or otherwise.

Of note: today is also National Frozen Yogurt Day!  And while you may think that, as a vegan, this is not for you, you'd be wrong!  As previously discussed on this here blog, vegan frozen yogurt can be yours, even in New Orleans.  Enter Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt chain.  As a company, they are making soy based, dairy-free frozen yogurt.  While not too prevalent in New Orleans area stores as of yet, the Magazine Street location has been known to swirl a wicked peanut butter chocolate.  Other area locations frequently have sorbets.  Call ahead and find out!

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